2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Changes, Models
2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Changes, Models

2022 Honda Civic Si 0-60 Changes, Models, Release Date

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2022 Honda Civic Si 0-60 Changes, Models, Release Date – We’re in the midst of a blizzard of 2022 Honda Civic news, and it looks like the flurries will keep on coming until the verdict is rendered on the new Civic Type R—which we’ve really only been able to speculate about so far. But that’s for another time. For today’s slice of the Civic pie we finally have a bit more news on the sporty Si: The sedan body style is making a comeback for the new 11th gen Civic’s Si variant.

Specific details around the Si—like what the powertrain will be, how much power it will make, and if there will be any new trick tech—are still pretty spartan. The last Civic Si relied on a buttery-smooth 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder which we had only one major complaint about: rev hang during shifts. Hopefully Honda will resolve that with the new car. One thing we don’t mind carrying over, of course, is the six-speed manual that will once again serve as the Si’s only transmission choice.

2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Changes, Models
2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Changes, Models

2022 Honda Civic Si 0-60 Models

As we speak, the ever-popular 2022 Honda Civic sedan is hitting dealers nationwide. In about a weeks’ time, we’ll see the updated hatchback model. What’s missing from the picture for the time being, though, is both the hotter Si model, and of course the king of the hill Type R. The latter will naturally be along in due time, but the 2022 Honda Civic Si is next up on the launch calendar, and before that we have a proper look at what certainly looks like the next-gen model.

2022 Honda Civic Si 0-60 Changes Performance, Changes

Out back, there are some signs you can expect sportier ambitions out of the 2022 Honda Civic Si. The exhaust pipes are identical to what you’d get on the Touring model, which packs a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. The old Si also used this engine, and it’s certain to make another appearance in the eleventh generation model. Apart from the pipes, the lower rear fascia looks slightly different to the standard Civic’s Touring trim, giving off a bit more of a sporty look. Check out the car’s back end below:

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It looks like there’s one more small clue to this car’s identity — the badging. No, you can’t see it since Honda decided to tape over the three rear badges. However, while the left and center badges are clearly the size of the “Civic” script and Honda’s brand logo respectively, the right side looks too small to say “Sport” or “Touring”. More to the point, those cars have already been revealed at this point, so it’s not like we wouldn’t know what’s hiding under there. The magic of the Civic Si has been the improved performance without all the boy-racerness of the Type R, and Honda’s certainly keeping that stealthy look going.

2022 Honda Civic SI Interior

The Si’s interior is relatively spacious and comfortable, but the absence of an option package means that the driver is stuck with a striking and narrow sports seat – suitable for some people, but not for others.

Plus, Si’s rear spoiler hinders backward visibility in our tests, and some of us felt that was not true. The Si sedan has extra 1.5 inch rear legroom compared to the coupe, but even the coupe has more rear legroom than some four-door rivals.

2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Interior
2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Interior

Si has as much cargo space as a two-door coupe and a four-door sedan, but can’t compete with hatchback rivals like the VW Golf GTI for the greatness of real-world transportation.

2022 Honda Civic SI Release Date And Price

2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Release Date
2022 Honda Civic Si 0 60 Release Date

When it starts arriving at US dealers a few months from now, the Civic will likely carry a starting price slightly higher than the base price of the $ 22,245 2021 model. The familiar LX, EX, Sport, and Touring trim levels should remain.

The base price of the Honda Civic Si is $ 25,930 – $ 735 more than the 2019 model year. However, the price increase is guaranteed by the 2022 update. This is still an outstanding performance value and is cheaper than sporty alternatives such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Subaru WRX.

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